Welcome to our new Foreign Rights Portal!


After several months of intensive work, and a complete technical and visual overhaul, it's finally online: We are thrilled to introduce our new Foreign Rights Portal!

Our thoroughly modernised Foreign Rights Portal is characterised by high usability, an appealing and responsive design and extra content through links to images, videos and news articles. Key information is now much easier to find thanks to a search function and internal links. In addition to a modern design, the main focus of the redesign was to adapt the content to the needs of you, our customers. We hope you like our new website as much as we do and that it will help even more German Penguin Random House titles travel the world and find new homes in international publishing houses.

We would like to briefly introduce you to the new functions, highlights and special features of the Foreign Rights Portal – come with us on a little tour!



The most important things at a glance - links to the contact page, our current catalogues and titles, and an overview of the latest news about our authors.

Catalogues Seite


Here you will find our current Foreign Rights Catalogues. An exciting innovation: the catalogues can now also be viewed in an online preview format. The button "All titles in this catalogue" gives you a quick overview of all of the titles in the catalogue. Clicking on "See book details" will take you to the respective title page. Of course, our catalogues are also available for download as usual.



Here you will find all our titles, which can be filtered via several categories such as genre and publication date, as well as characteristics like "bestseller". Current SPIEGEL bestsellers are now clearly marked with a corresponding badge.


Selecting a title takes you to the respective title page -  here you will find all the important information: synopsis, rights sales, bibliographic information, and press quotes. As usual, all information can be downloaded as an exposé.

Under the tabs “Bonus Material” and "News" you can also find videos (if available) and links related to the title. For reference and children's book titles, a "sticky contact" on the right shows you the foreign rights manager responsible.

Bonus Material Authors


Here you will find all the important information about our authors: biography, awards and prizes, available titles and, under the tab "Bonus Material", author photos and (if available) videos and links to interviews, news etc.



A particularly exciting new feature is our News page. Here we will keep you informed with relevant news about our authors and titles – such as prizes, awards and appearances abroad.



The feature that will probably be the most helpful to your work – you can now easily find the information you are looking for via the search function. If you search for authors or titles here the respective title and author pages as well as relevant news articles will be suggested as search results.

Contact Seite


You will find the link to our contact page both on the home page and in the header. Here you can choose from three options: ask a general question about Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe, contact the foreign rights manager responsible for your country, or find and contact the sub-agent responsible for your region/language by selecting it through a drop-down menu.

In the header and footer you will also find links to our Twitter and Instagram profiles - we would love it be happy if you followed us there as well!

We hope you enjoy exploring the new Foreign Rights Portal. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or criticisms, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your Foreign Rights Team

Gesche Wendebourg, Kai-Ting Pan, Stephanie Gerdeißen, Eva-Maria Kunze, Leah Francis, Simon Schmies and Vera Kühn

More than 40 publishing houses under one roof - a broad range of topics, countless titles, and diverse personalities! The Foreign Rights department provides you with information on our latest German publications, the most recent updates about our bestsellers and our extensive backlist, plus all relevant news concerning foreign rights at Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe.

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