17.10.2022 | Bassermann

"Shake the Apple Tree” nominated for the LIBRO Children's Book Award in Japan


Nico Sternbaum’s “Shake the Apple Tree” (Schüttel den Apfelbaum) has been nominated for the LIBRO Children's Book Award in Japan.

From among the many picture books published every year, children's books experts at every leading Japanese book store will select works that they want to strongly recommend to readers. 10 of them will be the nominees for the LIBRO Children's Book Award, and our “Shake the Apple Tree” is happily on the list this year!


Some reviews from the Japanese experts:

 "You can't help but lean forward with the book! There is no doubt that the storytelling will be a great success!"

・"The idea of shaking the apple tree to help it is very interesting."

 "I have enjoyed being guided by the lines."


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