Reference Books Spring 2024



Ben Kindler, Antonia Wien

Seasonal Cooking

Simple, quick, and inexpensive

Date of publication: May 30, 2024
Hardcover | 192 pages
Who would not want healthy, simple, and family-friendly recipes every day? When Ben Kindler plans his meals, he goes to the market and gets inspired by the local fruits and vegetables while still...

Dorothea Portius, Thomas Kartelmey...

The Collagen Formula

Radiant young skin with skinfood for every season

Over 50 recipes for a natural glow

Date of publication: April 11, 2024
Paperback | 192 pages
To slow down or even halt skin aging processes? Get a fresh radiance without having to invest in the questionable creams of the beauty industry? This natural rejuvenation program has been proven ...

Ursula Kopp

Planting and Tending Herb Gardens

Organic gardening and enjoyment

50 herb portraits and planting plans for herb spirals, raised beds, garden niches, herb mounds, paths, herb clocks, and medicinal herb garden

Date of publication: February 21, 2024
Hardcover | 112 pages
Herbs are hardy, easy to care for, and are a must in every garden. Here you can find out how to create and care for the many kinds of herb gardens, from herb spirals and raised beds to medicinal ...

Nikola Klün

The Children’s Nutrition Compass

Healthy and well nourished at every age

Recipes and tips for the daily challenges of being nourished – Also for vegetarians and vegans, and for food intolerances and allergies

Date of publication: April 24, 2024
Paperback | 224 pages
Parents in Germany are still being given a typical German plan for the introduction of complementary foods. But often by a child’s first birthday at the latest, the focus becomes the family diet,...

Eva Goris, Claus-Peter Hutter

The Wonderland of Organic Gardening

Joyful and sustainable gardening, month by month

Old gardening knowledge, valuable tips, natural history observations, ideas, aphorisms and much more

Date of publication: February 21, 2024
Sonderausgabe | 272 pages
Those who cultivates their own garden in a natural way would like to know more about the rhythms of nature and the living requirements of plants. "The Wonderland of Organic Gardening" brings toge...

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