Reference Books Autumn 2023



Bodo Janssen

The New Leadership

Leading and allowing yourself to be led in times of unpredictability

Date of publication: October 18, 2023
Hardcover | 240 pages
Never before have we been so confronted with the unpredictability of life as we are today, not only in our private lives, but also professionally. As managers, we are under great challenges: we n...

Bettina Musall

It’ll Be Great

Retirement is just the start of a new life

Date of publication: September 20, 2023
Hardcover | 304 pages
Longstanding Spiegel journalist Musall is a baby boomer. Many of her contemporaries are retiring or semi-retiring in their mid-fifties, often only half-willingly. In her new book, she reveals how...

Petra Bartoli y Eckert

Finding the Way to Yourself in the Mountains

What we learn about resilience by hiking – The adventure of crossing the Alps

Date of publication: August 2, 2023
Paperback | 224 pages
"Once in a life, trekking across the Alps and facing challenges and hardships along the way: With this personal experiment and through encounters with people who are exceptionally resourceful and...

Tanja Köhler

Forward Means Back to Myself

Setting out for a self-determined life – Coaching methods for women in their mid-life years

Date of publication: November 29, 2023
Paperback | 256 pages
For women, the middle of life is often a time of upheaval when they must reorient themselves. They want to find a new perspective on their life situation and actively shape it. But how will they ...

Susanne Abbassian Korasani

Be Your Own Healer

Back to energy and health

Phytotherapy and Natural Detox

Date of publication: October 25, 2023
Hardcover | 368 pages
Constant fatigue? Digestion problems? Liable to infections? Many of these symptoms and disorders are due to acute or chronic inflammations in the body and are closely linked to our lifestyle and ...

Sven Kuntze

Come to an agreement!

Why the compromise is uncompromising

Date of publication: October 18, 2023
Hardcover | 192 pages
Compromise is a constant companion everywhere in society, from lovers all the way to the democracy system. It is an age-old social technique that has repeatedly proved its worth, and shown itself...

Antonia Speerforck

Where is My Place in Life?

Finding your own way without looking for it

Date of publication: September 27, 2023
Paperback | 272 pages
Is the chaotic being inside of me right, or rather is it the safety-and-security fanatic? Should I follow my inner free spirit, or listen to my fears and anxieties – or simply follow my parents’ ...

Claudia Croos-Müller

Support! The Little Survival Book

Immediate help for crisis, despair, outbursts and co.

Date of publication: August 30, 2023
Hardcover | 72 pages | With illustrations from: Kai Pannen
Dr. Claudia Croos-Müller presents simple body exercises in a tried and tested form that provide support during negative episodes, stressful events and serious life crises, can be an anchor in lif...

Susanne Panter

I sense what you aren’t saying

Recognizing wounds in your own family history and finding your way to healing

Date of publication: October 25, 2023
Hardcover | 176 pages
This book focuses on family secrets and family taboos, and their systemic structures and psychological mechanisms. Susanne Panter, a professional origin counselor and mediator, examines blind spo...

Jörg Blech

Master Plan Health

What body and mind need to stay young and fit for a long time

Date of publication: October 4, 2023
Hardcover | 320 pages
In his new book, bestselling author Blech gives us new answers to the question of what our bodies really need. He reveals that when we’re ill, it’s better to move around than stay in bed; that lo...

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