Reference Books Autumn 2022



Eva Asselmann, Martina Pahr

How We Grow

What life events influence our personality and what really furthers us in life – The latest findings from personality psychology

Date of publication: August 24, 2022
Paperback | 224 pages
It is fortunate that our personality is shaped not only by our genes but by our environment as well. This means that personal growth is possible at every stage of life, even into advanced age. Bu...

Stefanie Stahl

Who We Are

How we perceive, feel, and love – Everything you should know about psychology

Date of publication: October 13, 2022
Hardcover | 384 pages
How does the human being function? Is there a blueprint for the psyche, a basic mental framework that all humans share? Bestselling author Stefanie Stahl delivers here fascinating insights into t...

Liane Dirks

Being and Becoming

Newly recognizing the treasures and opportunities of our life story

Date of publication: November 2, 2022
Hardcover | 272 pages
We humans are storytellers, and what we tell ourselves is what we experience as our identity. But what is it we focus on? For many centuries now, we have been attempting to assert our uniqueness ...

Karolien Notebaert

Three Days, Two Women, an Ape, and the Meaning of Life

An inspiring journey to our thoughts, feelings, and hidden potentials

Date of publication: July 11, 2022
Paperback | 168 pages
Who am I? What do I actually want to do in life? These are some of the questions Marie asks her mother at the end of her school years on a hike together in Ireland. During their walk through the ...

Bahar Yilmaz

The Risk of Being Yourself

How to dare what your heart has long already decided

Date of publication: September 28, 2022
Hardcover | 272 pages
We all may wish to follow the call of our heart, confidently live our personal truth, and allow our inner light to shine. Yet this path carries many risks. We sabotage ourselves, for example by p...

Klaus Bernhardt

Freeing Yourself of Obsessions and Compulsions

Quickly and lastingly overcoming obsessive-compulsive disorders without medication or confrontation

Date of publication: August 31, 2022
Paperback | 304 pages
Millions of people worldwide suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorders, and the number is increasing. But what is the origin of an obsessive-compulsive disorder? When are washing, re-checking, t...

Barbara Berckhan

Saying No Authoritatively

Three steps to setting clear boundaries

Date of publication: September 28, 2022
Paperback | 176 pages
The new book by the successful author Barbara Berckhan gives us the permission to free ourselves from foreign control and detrimental influences and distinctly say no in a socially appropriate wa...

Wladislaw Jachtchenko

Manipulate Yourself to Happiness!

Psychological techniques for more satisfaction

Date of publication: August 17, 2022
Paperback | 336 pages
Rhetoric professional Wladislaw Jachtchenko has mastered the art of convincing others. But it is also possible to successfully steer oneself in the desired direction. With psychological tricks we...

Tatjana Reichhart, Claudia Pusch


How to deal with expectations and lead an authentic life

Date of publication: November 23, 2022
Paperback | 288 pages
Many people nowadays are living a life that they believe they are expected to live, even though they know this does them little or no good. Based on findings from science, this book comprehensibl...

Dorothea Assig, Dorothee Echter

"One Day You Will See How Good I Am!"

How career myths are hindering you from being successful and how to advance in spite of them

Date of publication: October 26, 2022
Paperback | 224 pages
You didn’t get promoted – again? No matter how good you are, if you do something wrong – or nothing at all! – you will never be recognized. Yet results alone do not lead to success. Top managemen...

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