Reference Books Autumn 2022



Reinhard K. Sprenger

Parenting Years

How to live with children without losing track of ourselves

Date of publication: October 19, 2022
Hardcover | 320 pages
“Every child has a right to happy parents!” This is what bestselling author and father of four Reinhard K. Sprenger maintains, as he challenges the expectations that are burdening parents today: ...

Nina Weimann-Sandig

Because Children Need Both Parents

Making use of new perspectives – Finding fair custody models – Help for families of divorce

Date of publication: July 25, 2022
Paperback | 208 pages
Parents are free to choose to separate – but children have to live with that decision. This makes it all the more essential to provide support that enables them to continue to have dependable rel...

Peter Beer

Mindfulness Instead of Anxiety and Panic

Calm, peacefulness, and (self-) security

Date of publication: September 14, 2022
Paperback | 288 pages
People who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety disorders feel at the mercy of others, powerless and shamed. Peter Beer, bestselling author and mindfulness teacher, is all too familiar with thes...

Marion Küstenmacher

Where the Soul Can Catch Its Breath

52 impulses and inspirations from mystic traditions for more peace and composure

Date of publication: October 5, 2022
Hardcover | 160 pages
In the 21st century, we are fortunate to be able to draw from the rich spiritual resources of the world’s religions to find the most suitable path that is sustainable for us personally. But how d...

Eva Murges

Intuitive Tarot – Follow Your Inner Light

How to interpret the cards and find answers to your life questions

Date of publication: August 10, 2022
Paperback | 256 pages
Finding answers to our most crucial life questions, reaching the right decisions, consciously shaping our future – the Tarot offers invaluable assistance and orientation. The renowned Tarot exper...

Margrit Stamm

Compliant, Ambitious and Unhappy

What the pressure to perform does to our kids

Date of publication: August 31, 2022
Hardcover | 192 pages
A child who works hard, gets good grades and is popular supposedly has a bright future in store. Our high-performance society values high-achievers, top degrees and fathers and mothers who do eve...

Lars Amend

It’s All Good

My diary of gratitude

Date of publication: August 24, 2022
Hardcover | 296 pages
This gratitude diary is a declaration of love to the moment. Through this diary you will remind yourself each day of all that is good in your life – even though it might seem at times to be very ...

Vera Griebert-Schröder, Franziska ...

The Magic of Twelve Nights of Christmas

Wise sayings, rituals and customs for the time between the years

Updated and expanded new edition

Date of publication: September 14, 2022
Hardcover | 144 pages
It is a magical time, the twelve days between Christmas and Epiphany, known as the "Rauhnächte". Many customs and stories have grown up around them. This updated and expanded new edition of the "...

Aljoscha Long, Ronald Schweppe

The Secret of the Buddha Cat

To inner freedom and deeper contentment on silent paws

Date of publication: August 31, 2022
Hardcover | 272 pages
The little cat Maya has life good with the rich widow Alma – if only wasn’t her constantly gnawing sense of discontentment and inner emptiness. Maya leaves her cosy velvet cushion and sets off in...

Shisha Rainbow

WitchPower – Discover Your Magic Abilities

The handbook of witch arts

Date of publication: November 2, 2022
Hardcover | 320 pages
Here is the basic book of modern witchcraft by the most popular young witch in the German-speaking world. In a uniquely fresh and enchanting way, Shisha Rainbow guides us through the mysterious w...

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