Non-Fiction Spring 2023


Felix Bohr (Editor), Eva-Maria Sch...

Prisoners of War

The Second World War’s forgotten soldiers

Date of publication: April 26, 2023
Hardcover | 240 pages
Hunger, fear and hard labour were part of everyday life for the roughly 35 million people who were POWs during the Second World War. Among them were more than 11 million Germans, some of whom did...

Peter Longerich

The Path to Total War

Goebbels’s 1943 Sportpalast Speech

Date of publication: February 15, 2023
Hardcover | 208 pages
Joseph Goebbels used his February 1943 address at Berlin’s Sportpalast to incite a fervently pro-war German "people’s community". It was a perfect example of perfidious Nazi propaganda – but for ...

Uwe Soukup


The Reichstag fire: the night democracy died

Date of publication: February 15, 2023
Hardcover | 208 pages
When the Reichstag burnt down in 1933, Adolf Hitler had only been Chancellor for four weeks. In the subsequent hours and days, thousands were arrested and terror spread throughout the country. Ye...

Jan Haft


Our dream of places untouched by human hands

Date of publication: March 1, 2023
Hardcover | 144 pages
When we think of wilderness, we think of places like forests filled with an abundance of wild plants – landscapes that show no trace of human civilisation. After all, man and primordial nature ar...

Peter Wohlleben, Pierre L. Ibisch

The Power of Forests

How forests can help us understand the world, and their astonishing effect on us and our future

A comprehensive and authoritative guide to woodland environments

Date of publication: April 26, 2023
Paperback | 384 pages
A wood is much more than merely a collection of trees: in this book, Germany’s most renowned forester Wohlleben and the highly acclaimed biologist Ibisch have come together for the first time to ...

Oliver Hilmes

Days of Darkness

Germany, 1943: Everyday life on the abyss

Date of publication: January 25, 2023
Hardcover | 304 pages
The catastrophe happens over coffee and cake: on a visit to his mother’s childhood friend in March 1943, Karlrobert Kreiten, a consummate 26-year-old pianist with a promising future ahead of him,...

Regina Scheer

In the Shadow of the Stars

The story of a Jewish resistance group

Date of publication: April 12, 2023
Paperback | 496 pages
Some of them were just nineteen or twenty years old when they joined the Berlin resistance to fight Hitler and Nazi propaganda. In 1942, the group, led by electrician Herbert Baum, organised an a...

Frauke Bagusche

Nomads of the Sea: The Secret Life of Turtles

Their super-senses and amazing orientation skills – and how they are shaping the oceans

Date of publication: March 29, 2023
Hardcover | 224 pages
Turtles can do amazing things: some can dive to more than 1,000 metres, others transport organisms across the seas (and thus contribute to their distribution), others act as "architects of the oc...

Shanna Reis

Wild at Heart

My life as a professional hunter and vintner in tune with nature

Date of publication: April 12, 2023
Paperback | 240 pages
Thirty-one-year-old hunter and vintner Shanna’s life is both idyllic and challenging – such as when she and her dachshund Henriette climb to the raised hide before dawn on chilly winter mornings;...

Christoph Reuter

"We Were Happy Here"

Afghanistan after the Taliban’s victory – a road trip

Date of publication: April 12, 2023
Hardcover | 336 pages
Reuter has been reporting from Afghanistan for twenty years. Hardly any other foreign reporter knows the country as well as he does. He was in Kabul when the Taliban seized power in August 2021, ...

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