Non-Fiction Spring 2021


Jörn Leogrande

Bad Company

My memorable career at Wirecard AG

Date of publication: February 8, 2021
Hardcover | 288 pages
It is the stock market scandal of the decade: In the summer of 2020, the former DAX company and Fintech prodigy Wirecard collapses after billions of euros have disappeared and remain untraceable....

Frank Sieren

Shenzhen – Future Made in China

Between creativity and control: The young megacity that's changing our world

Date of publication: May 17, 2021
Hardcover | 416 pages
If you want to know what our – and especially our children's – lives will soon be like, and the kind of technology that will dominate them, take a stroll through Shenzhen: The southern Chinese me...

Bettina Weiguny, Georg Meck


A portrait of the scandal of the century

Date of publication: March 29, 2021
Hardcover | 400 pages
The Wirecard scandal is one of the most serious in Germany's history – and it will take years for the resulting court actions to be decided. As more explosive details come to light, more question...

Jasmin Schreiber

Goodbye to Hermione

On life, dying and death – and what a hamster has to do with it all

Date of publication: March 29, 2021
Paperback | 288 pages
Everyone has to die. You, me, the animals in the wood, that plant on the office windowsill: sooner or later, it'll take all of us. When death enters our lives, it conjures up emotions such as ang...

Janika Takats

The Little Book of Cannabis

What you're allowed to do. How it affects you. How it can help.

Date of publication: March 8, 2021
Paperback | 256 pages
Hemp seeds at the supermarket, CBD oil at the chemist's, medical cannabis for pain management – hemp has lately been undergoing an image change. We used to think of cannabis as nothing more than ...

Gregor Schöllgen, Gerhard Schröder

Last Chance

Why we need a new world order – and need it now

Date of publication: January 25, 2021
Hardcover | 256 pages
The West is comatose. Paralysed and apathetic, Europeans and Americans are watching as an epidemic of crises, wars and conflicts of all kind spreads across the world. Yet there is a reason for th...

Hans-Otto Thomashoff

I Was Looking for Happiness and Found Contentment

A fascinating journey into the world of the brain and psyche

Date of publication: October 6, 2014
Hardcover | 288 pages
Everybody wants to be happy. In looking for happiness, however, most people are falling victim to a misconception: it is not happiness that makes us happy but contentment. Contentment somehow see...

Christine Löber, Hanna Grabbe

Follow Your Nose

How our ears, nose and throat guide us in life

Date of publication: March 22, 2021
Paperback | 352 pages
The nose sits in the middle of the face, yet most people know surprisingly little about it. Yet our ENT department manages a large part of our perception – apart from breathing. Next to the eyes,...

Peter Spork

Surveying Life

How systems biology can help us fully understand our bodies for the first time – and prevent illnesses before they happen

Date of publication: March 29, 2021
Hardcover | 336 pages
Around the world, scientists are urgently trying to understand the human body in its entirety, from the smallest cell to the organism as a whole. Using the latest technology and new algorithms, s...

Dörthe Eickelberg

The Next Wave Is Yours

How surfing women from all over the world taught me how to be free and strong

Date of publication: June 14, 2021
Paperback | 304 pages
The sea is a place of trials: will I catch that wave? Or will it catch me? On a surfing trip, Dörthe Eickelberg is pulled into the depths by a killer wave. She only just manages to save herself, ...

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