Non-Fiction Autumn 2021


Michael de Ridder

On Our Own Terms

Why I help seriously ill people to end their lives

Date of publication: October 11, 2021
Hardcover | 224 pages
If someone wants to die, should they be allowed to do so with medical help? Michael de Ridder is a specialist in internal medicine, co-founder of a hospice and chair of a palliative care foundati...

Christine Brand

True Crimes

A court reporter's most sensational cases

Date of publication: September 27, 2021
Paperback | 352 pages
An unobtrusive couple becomes a deadly duo for ludicrous reasons, a man confesses to murdering his wife but is acquitted, and a small village is shaken to its core by a horrific crime – Christine...

Philipp Fleiter

Crime on Your Doorstep

The most sensational cases from the No. 1 podcast

Date of publication: October 18, 2021
Paperback | 368 pages
When your friendly neighbour is supposedly on holiday, but actually lying encased in cement under the garage; when a little girl suddenly disappears without a trace from her parents' farm – cases...

Axel Petermann

On Behalf of the Dead

Cold cases: a profiler investigates unsolved murders

Date of publication: September 13, 2021
Paperback | 384 pages
A man is sentenced to life for murdering his wealthy aunt – but the investigation's files reveal that there's considerable evidence to suggest that he's innocent. The death of a vivacious woman i...

Bartholomäus Grill


A look back to the future of a continent

Date of publication: September 27, 2021
Hardcover | 288 pages
Bartholomäus Grill, the Zeit and Spiegel's legendary Africa correspondent, assesses the continent's position today, and asks what its future has in store. Despite poverty and rampant corruption, ...

Marcus Weber, Judith Weber

Fantastic Physics

How physics is sometimes annoying, but always brilliant – and does nothing less than explain everything

Date of publication: October 11, 2021
Paperback | 208 pages
Do you know why there's always a headwind when you ride your bicycle – and what you can do about it? Do you know how cavitation stops ships, but helps us to open jam jars? Do you know how to hood...

Giuseppe Di Grazia (Editor)

Stern Crime – True Crimes

16 sensational cases

Date of publication: December 13, 2021
Paperback | 320 pages
They come along every year: crimes that, despite months of police investigations, remain unsolved. The disappearance of Frauke Lieb in Paderborn in 2006 was one such case. For seven days, she sen...

Karsten Krogmann, Marco Seng

The Angel of Death

How did Niels Högel become Germany's most prolific post-war serial killer?

Date of publication: September 20, 2021
Paperback | 320 pages
It's June 2005. In the Delmenhorst clinic, the ICU night shift has just started. The nurse Niels Högel enters the room of a comatose patient and gives him an unprescribed injection. Shortly after...

Christiane Tramitz

Death in the Village

A crime novel based on real events

Date of publication: September 13, 2021
Paperback | 288 pages
An idyllic village in Upper Bavaria, 1995. Shortly before Christmas, a brutal murder is committed: four people die in a murder-suicide, and the case is closed after the police determine that the ...

Heike Abidi, Lucinde Hutzenlaub

I Thought I Was Already Perfect

Survival training for all who yearn to remain normal

Date of publication: November 9, 2021
Paperback | 336 pages
Is there anything women aren't supposed to be these days? Friend, mother, partner, businesswoman, lover, top athlete, culture vulture, beauty, housewife, queen of multitasking, cab driver, coach ...

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