Fiction Spring 2024



Norbert Horst

Lost Places

Where the dead don’t speak


Date of publication: June 19, 2024
Paperback | 336 pages
In the woods near Essen, a ragged vagrant lies dead in his tent. In a smart apartment block in Essen’s city centre, an old lady is found dead in her flat. In an empty, derelict hospital in Bochum...

Sia Piontek

The Seeing and the Dead


Date of publication: May 15, 2024
Paperback | 416 pages
Ex-murder squad detective Carla Seidel has transferred from Hamburg to the idyllic Wendland region in eastern Germany. She has moved into an old timber-frame house, and is hoping to make a fresh ...

Thorsten Schleif

Judges Die Better

Vol. 3 of The Bestselling Judge Series

Date of publication: June 12, 2024
Paperback | 240 pages
While his fellow judges are driven to despair by a new digital platform, Siggi Buckmann can barely manage a weak smile. Sweet worries! No sooner has he returned from his ex-wife Britta’s wedding,...

Liliane Skalecki



Date of publication: June 12, 2024
Paperback | 448 pages
A sad occasion brings famous author Niklas Westphal back to his childhood home: his mother has just passed away. No sooner has he entered his old family home than Niklas starts having disturbing ...

Andreas Brandhorst



Date of publication: February 14, 2024
Paperback | 608 pages
The thing has appeared from somewhere in the deepest depths of outer space. At first, they think it’s an asteroid. But then Zeta starts orbiting Saturn and sending out signals at regular interval...

Beate Maxian

Death at the Opera Ball

The Sarah Pauli Series (Vol. 14)

Date of publication: April 17, 2024
Paperback | 416 pages
The whole of Vienna has caught opera-ball fever. Even journalist Sarah Pauli is on duty at the Wiener Boten newspaper’s glamorous ball. But the party is suddenly cut short when celebrated actor N...

Sabine Thiesler

Romeo’s Death


Date of publication: January 17, 2024
Hardcover | 384 pages
Gifted actor Jan Jespik has fallen head over heels for an erotic, passionate woman. Mona has just been released from prison, and has told him her painful story. She hasn’t heard anything from her...

Luis Sellano

A Very Portuguese Pact

Murder in Lisbon (Vol. 9)

Date of publication: April 11, 2024
Paperback | 320 pages
Henrik Falkner’s antique shop in Lisbon’s old town is an oasis for lovers of old books and unusual finds. And it desperately needs renovating. So Henrik’s lucrative new job couldn’t come at a bet...

Karina Urbach

The House on Gordon Place


Date of publication: March 20, 2024
Paperback | 384 pages
Vienna, 1948. MI6 agent Daphne Parson is working in a surveillance tunnel under the divided city. To get to the Soviet sector without being noticed, she infiltrates a film crew. It’s a mission th...

Robin Hill

Currents: Dark Awakening


Date of publication: March 20, 2024
Paperback | 464 pages
The world in which Fiora grows up is a nightmare of sand and rock under a searing hot sun. Worse, though, is the hate she encounters everywhere – because her origins are shrouded in a dark secret...

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