Fiction Spring 2023



Fikri Anıl Altıntaş

A Pear Tree in the Morning

Where I come from and where I belong

Date of publication: April 20, 2023
Hardcover | 176 pages
Fikri Anıl Altıntaş grows up as the son of Turkish migrants in a small German city; his father is a teacher at a comprehensive school, and his mother is a cleaner. It is a childhood in the middle...

Ulrike Draesner

Penetrating Silence


Date of publication: February 8, 2023
Hardcover | 608 pages
A model Nazi mother who teaches others how to raise their children while refusing to speak of the great loss she has suffered; a cook travelling across Germany in the summer of 1945 who would rat...

Angelika Overath

Blurred Love


Date of publication: April 12, 2023
Hardcover | 224 pages
When Baran boards the train in Chur, he feels as if his life is already going off the rails. He suspects that his partner Cla, who remained behind in Turkey, is no longer being quite faithful to ...

Juli Zeh, Simon Urban

Between Worlds

Date of publication: January 25, 2023
Hardcover | 448 pages
When Stefan and Theresa bump into each other in Hamburg, their meeting ends in disaster. Twenty years ago they were like family – today, they hardly have anything left in common. While Stefan has...

Florian Gottschick

That Summer


Date of publication: April 26, 2023
Paperback | 192 pages
In the late 1990s, two brothers are spending the summer holidays with their parents by the seaside. One is seventeen, cheeky, sporty and experienced in love; the other is fifteen, thoughtful, shy...

Irene Diwiak

Tell Alex Not to Wait for Me


Date of publication: February 22, 2023
Hardcover | 368 pages
Munich, 1941. Students Hans and Alex don’t seem to have much in common – until, one day, they both duck out of military training to discuss art and literature instead of practice standing to atte...

Manuel Niedermeier

A Full Life


Date of publication: March 1, 2023
Hardcover | 240 pages
How can you avoid living the same life as your parents? Is it possible to truly emerge from their shadow? When seventeen-year-old Ralf, the son of a brilliant actor and a passionate linguist, mee...

Michael Stavarič

The Phantom


Date of publication: April 26, 2023
Hardcover | 320 pages
Thom thinks he’s a loser. He doesn’t think much of society, and even less of his parents. He claims his socialisation has made him unfit for life. Thom is also highly intelligent, which explains ...

Hanns-Josef Ortheil

Instants of Art

How I Learnt to See

Date of publication: May 11, 2023
Paperback | 352 pages
Writing often begins with an image – and in Ortheil’s literary work, meticulous observation and fine art have always played a big part. Here, he recounts childhood experiments with his family’s t...

Jochen Gutsch, Maxim Leo



Date of publication: March 1, 2023
Hardcover | 192 pages
Richard Gold has planned everything down to the last detail. Nothing will go wrong. Today’s the day he’ll take his own life. Or so he thinks. Because what Gold hasn’t counted on is that, instead ...

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