Fiction Spring 2022



Stephan Abarbanell

Grunewald, 10:50 a.m.


Date of publication: June 14, 2022
Hardcover | 256 pages
On a cool, cloudy day in June 1922, Walther Rathenau, the Weimar Republic's newly appointed foreign minister, gets into his chauffeur-driven convertible and sets off for the ministry. He has just...

Tobias Friedrich

The Ringed Plover

A novel based on a true story

Date of publication: March 14, 2022
Hardcover | 512 pages
May 1932. With a daring plan to paddle to Cyprus and back, and just enough provisions to last the trip, Oskar Speck slides his folding kayak into the water. He plans to be back in six months. But...

Florian Weber

The Wondrous Aesthetics of a Healthy Drowning Posture


Date of publication: March 14, 2022
Hardcover | 320 pages
A man is drifting in the ocean, clinging on to a cool box. He can't remember anything of his life, except just brief flashes of memory. Through them, he tries to work out who he is, and how he en...

Ulrike Draesner

clear & audible

Poems 1995–2020

Date of publication: January 17, 2022
Hardcover | 272 pages
Ulrike Draesner has an ear for interstices and subsongs, the songs beneath songs – voices that you don't usually hear. These verses from the past twenty-five years, many published here for the fi...

Cornelia Achenbach

Night Walk


Date of publication: March 14, 2022
Hardcover | 288 pages
Ines and Kirsten thought they would be best friends for ever. But their friendship is shattered when Ines isn't there for Kirsten during a desperately difficult time. The two girls never meet aga...

Natalie Buchholz

Our Good Fortune


Date of publication: February 28, 2022
Hardcover | 224 pages
When the young parents Franziska and Coordt find a lovely – and affordable – flat in one of Munich's best neighbourhoods, it's the opportunity of a lifetime. But there's a condition attached: it ...

Marie Gamillscheg

An Uprising of Sea Creatures


Date of publication: March 8, 2022
Hardcover | 304 pages
Luise is intelligent, Luise is independent, Luise is an island. She has also gained a reputation as an excellent marine biologist. Her specialty is the sea walnut, a ghostly illuminated jellyfish...

Marica Bodrožić

The Work of Birds

Notes on the soul

Date of publication: March 14, 2022
Hardcover | 352 pages
During his flight from the Nazis in September 1940, Walter Benjamin takes an old smugglers' route that leads from the French border town of Banyuls-sur-Mer to Portbou in northern Spain. Shortly a...

Dirk Hempel

Walter Kempowski

A bourgeois biography

Date of publication: July 25, 2022
Paperback | 320 pages
Walter Kempowski is one of the most important German authors of the 20th century, his works have been translated into numerous languages, and James Wood called his novel "All for Nothing" a "mast...

Ella Cornelsen

What We Have Left Is Now


Date of publication: April 18, 2022
Hardcover | 432 pages
Four very different siblings have gathered in their old family home. They haven't seen each other in a long time, but have come to look after their mother, who suffers from dementia, while their ...

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