Children's Books / Young Adults Autumn 2023



Usch Luhn

There’s Christmas Magic Behind the Elf Door

A Yuletide story with crafting ideas

Date of publication: September 27, 2023
Hardcover | 96 pages | With illustrations from: Yvonne Sundag | Recommended age group: 4+
Bente can hardly wait to travel to the other side of the secret elf door! Now that he’s a fully qualified Christmas elf, he can finally help make the season merry and bright. His first client is ...

Nico Sternbaum

Shake the Christmas Tree: An Interactive Christmas Book – Shake It, Blow On It, Knock On it, and Watch What Happens!

Date of publication: September 27, 2023
Hardcover | 40 pages | Recommended age group: 2+
Christmas is coming! The little fir tree can’t wait to be decorated by the forest residents. But its branches are still so full of snow! The squirrels are about to have a sled race and are eagerl...

Christine Sinnwell-Backes, Timo Ku...

Tasty, Fun and Healthy: Brilliant Recipes and Meal Prep Ideas for Kids

Date of publication: September 27, 2023
Hardcover | 80 pages | Recommended age group: 3+
This is how to make healthy eating fun! From packed lunches to fun family dinners and party food for your kid’s birthday – young and old will have a ball creating simple, fun and yummy meals. The...

Ingo Siegner

Little Dragon Coconut: My First Book of Magic

With step-by-step instructions and lots of tips and tricks

Date of publication: June 12, 2024
Hardcover | 64 pages | Recommended age group: 6+
Coconut, Oskar and Matilda think it’s great how student magician Freddy can transform things or make them disappear. They want to learn how to do it too! So they ask Freddy to teach them a few tr...

Kerstin Hau


Date of publication: September 27, 2023
Hardcover | 36 pages | With illustrations from: Sonja Wimmer
In everyone's life there are dark or lonely moments that weigh us down. These can be crises, disputes, stress, illness or grief. These darker parts of everyday life can throw us off track. This b...

Annette Moser

Flitter and Flutter: Haunting Made Easy

Date of publication: September 27, 2023
Hardcover | 64 pages | With illustrations from: Alex Peter | Recommended age group: 4+
Little ghosts Flitter and Flutter are worried. Aunt Twister is really mean and really old-fashioned, and now she wants to test the siblings’ haunting skills. But haunting is boring! And dangerous...

Nico Sternbaum

My Colourful Cut-Out Book: The Fire Brigade – Cut, Stick and Draw

Date of publication: October 4, 2023
Paperback | 64 pages | Recommended age group: 3+
Cut out, glue and colour: with this book kids aged 3+ can learn these brilliant basic skills. These easy crafting activities will help children develop their dexterity and concentration skills. T...

Christine Sinnwell-Backes, Nora Ha...

Crafting Games with Little Ones

Date of publication: September 27, 2023
Hardcover | 64 pages | Recommended age group: 3+
This book is a double dose of fun, suitable for very young children. Memory, marbles, noughts and crosses, and many, more games are included, and they’re very easy to create. All you need is a fe...

Ingo Siegner

Now we Know! Little Dragon Coconut Explores the Arctic

Packed with delightful and informative illustrations

Date of publication: October 11, 2023
Hardcover | 80 pages | Recommended age group: 6+
Coconut, Matilda and Oskar have come to visit their polar bear pal. When Björn tells them that his ice floe keeps getting smaller and smaller, they decide to help their friend. The three embark o...

Marie Ehlers

The Magical Charm Points

Dealing better with strong feelings

Playfully using the EFT Tapping Technique with children

Date of publication: November 22, 2023
Hardcover | 48 pages | With illustrations from: Stella Eich
The emotional world of children is vast – some days they are just fine and then there are days when everything feels difficult, their tummies are doing tumbles, and there’s a big lump in their th...

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