Children's Books / Young Adults Autumn 2022



Ute Krause

The Muscleteers and the Forever Fifth

Another big adventure for the Muscleteers

Date of publication: September 28, 2022
Hardcover | 176 pages | With illustrations from: Ute Krause | Recommended age group: 8+
It’s a crazy time on Dyke Street! One night, Picandou finds an orphaned egg and takes it home – and the Muscleteers’ lives are instantly turned upside down. The needy and constantly hungry chick ...

Gesa Schwartz

Ella Löwenstein: The Forest of Wishes

A magical, exciting, poetic story

Date of publication: July 25, 2022
Hardcover | 192 pages | With illustrations from: Catherine Gabrielle Ionescu | Recommended age group: 8+
When Ella’s arch enemy Friederike, of all people, is overcome by a mysterious magic spell on a school trip, everyone is shocked. Friederike is really in a very bad state. So Ella and her new clas...

Christian Holst

Do Aliens Use the Loo? – Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about life in our universe

Date of publication: August 31, 2022
Hardcover | 192 pages | With illustrations from: Horst Klein | Recommended age group: 10+
Is there life on distant planets? Do aliens really look like Yoda and fight with light sabres? Do aliens go to the loo like humans? In Do Aliens Use the Loo?, science journalist Christian Holst t...

Isabel Pin

My Name Is Coco

Coco Chanel: Her Life and Work

Date of publication: October 19, 2022
Hardcover | 88 pages | With illustrations from: Isabel Pin | Recommended age group: 8+
This book tells the story of Coco Chanel’s life and career, from early childhood to becoming an haute couture icon. Here, young readers will find out all about Coco’s early days as a milliner an...

Wolfram Hänel

World On Fire

Date of publication: August 31, 2022
Paperback | 256 pages | Recommended age group: 12+
What if there’s a climate catastrophe, but no one does anything about it? Marie and Jannick decide they can no longer just stand by and talk about the issue – they must help change things. The tw...

Sabine Ludwig

Adelheid Again! Will You Ever Learn?

The second instalment in bestselling author Sabine Ludwig’s hilarious new series

Date of publication: September 28, 2022
Hardcover | 192 pages | With illustrations from: Barbara Jung | Recommended age group: 8+
Adelheid’s best friend Benny is a clown (‘A clown squared,’ says Adelheid’s big sister). So she has her work cut out stopping things from getting out of hand. But sometimes all her efforts are in...

Fabiola Turan

Daliah's Garden: The Secret of the Red Seer

Date of publication: August 24, 2022
Hardcover | 320 pages | With illustrations from: Verena Körting | Recommended age group: 10+
Daliah perceives feelings as colours, and longs to know everything about them. But just as her dream is about to come true, Belladonna disappears, and mayhem breaks out in Castle Lilyrock’s magic...

Birte Lorenzen-Herrmann, Boris Her...

My Ocean Challenge – Sailing into Climate Action

What Our Oceans Need Now, and What You Can Do to Help

Date of publication: September 14, 2022
Hardcover | 96 pages | With illustrations from: Lara Paulussen | Recommended age group: 8+
What does climate action have to do with sailing? Greta Thunberg’s decision to cross the Atlantic on Boris Herrmann’s boat rather than fly to the UN climate summit in New York has become a symbol...

Annette Roeder, Pamela Baron


25 modern buildings across the world

Date of publication: September 7, 2022
Hardcover | 64 pages | With illustrations from: Pamela Baron | Recommended age group: 8+
From private homes, temporary housing, markets and schools, to opera houses, factories, museums and libraries, this book introduces young readers to 25 buildings from around the globe – all of th...

Nicole Fröhlich

The Furious Five

Date of publication: August 31, 2022
Hardcover | 320 pages | Recommended age group: 14+
Lara is fifteen, and angry. Her grandmother has just died, and now she has no family left. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the other teenagers in the foster home are all nutters. Lara resolves to d...

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